Thirty  seconds of Superbowl ad time costs $4 million. What if companies regularly sponsored recognition of deep inquiry and contribution to a discipline on which their success is based? Not like the X Prize, but like the MacArthur Fellowship or the Turing Award. A million bucks is chump change in certain circles. What if awards like that were crowdfunded? That would be a cool damn crowd.

Google Lifts the Turing Award Into Nobel Territory – NYTimes.com.

Oh and what do you know, what a coincidence, there is a MOVIE coming out about Alan Turing next month, and it stars BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH! I wonder  if Google Inc has a piece of any production or distribution companies involved in that. It would just be good business, really. Permaculture, really: stacking functions. And probably a better payoff than seven and a half seconds of Superbowl ad time.

Also, that poor guy who won the award in 2013! Dang, there goes 750k.