I’m woefully remiss at keeping up with the raging river of posts, but you can usually get my attention if you need to.


I know. I never really understood it either. If yours doesn’t have cobwebs all over it like mine, please enlighten me!


If you’d rather connect in a more businesslike and serious way, feel free.  I love knowing wonderful people who are doing good things and doing them very well.


I like the dreamy vibe of these pictures.


I post less often than I used to, but this represents a rough visual autobiography that starts about 10 years ago and sometimes reaches into the long long ago past.


I have had my Twitter account for over seven years, and I have made 34 posts. I am an excellent person to follow if you do not like getting tweets.


Births, deaths, and other important and unimportant things. Not a good place to find me in November.